Check out our accreditations page and see for yourself the validated eco friendly claims we make that are fully accredited.
  • We use clean ingredients

    Awarded our clean beauty eco label from Ethy is one of my favourite labels to have. It means so much to me that all the reading up, researching, experimenting and searching has finally paid off with this little beauty, now found on all products.Letting you know that all the ingredients found in my products are all sparkling clean.

    Did you also know I try and source as many UK ingredients as possible meaning they haven't travelled across the world, and are usually much higher quality than some exotic far flung ingredients.

  • We are plastic free

    Being a plastic free company is so very important to me.The Apothekelly brand does not sell any products using virgin plastics or recycled plastics.Products are 100% plastic-free, and primary product packaging ,(including labels) are all 100% plastic-free.Most of the products come in recyclable aluminium tins that can be re used again and again.Our Body pebbles, minis and lip balms that are in tins also come in a pine cellulose packet that can also be composted. Glassine is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. I also source the glassine pine cellulose packets locally from a manufacturer in Suffolk too.

  • We offset carbon

    As a brand did you know your purchases financially contribute to certified climate projects (also called carbon offsetting or mitigation) such as carbon avoidance, reductions and removals, for a specific amount of CO2e emissions.

    Ethy has verified that our projects meet the high-quality standards by one of the schemes endorsed by ICROA, such as the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard and UNFCCC which are regularly audited by independent third parties.

    Meaning that for every purchase over the value of £15 you are helping us contribute to the climate crisis in offsetting carbon emissions.