About me & how I began this journey

Why I do what I do

I have always had an itch to work for myself & run my own business. Being a single parent from a young age meant that I was the only sole income in my household.  Constantly feeling under immense pressure to juggle it all, I never felt like I had time or freedom.


As a child It was instilled in me to simply ‘get on with it'.

This served me well as an adult, I didn't have time to procrastinate & think,

So, I worked hard & was given some great opportunities. Working for a global company I thought I was safe in a secure role, getting promoted & pay rises every year, company health insurance & a great pension.

On paper this was all great, however the reality was very different I found myself being constantly downtrodden.

Never listened to, constantly felt undermined & irrelevant.

The company culture did not sit well with my ethical views & opinions.


This was how I felt working in a corporate world,

However, I had a plan, to buy my property & then leave the corporate world once I had got my own business up & running.

All seemed to be going well until COVID-19 came along.

Never having been furloughed, I thought I was safe.

Then in October 2020 I got a call advising the global company needed to make redundancies & this is when my world changed.

2 weeks after I had the initial call, I was made redundant & sent on my way.

This really made me reflect & think about what I now wanted from life.

Living and growing up in the Suffolk countryside really made me appreciate the delicate ecosystem in which we live, having a huge affinity to forage and make use of local flora and fauna, making jams, cordials, syrups and other concoctions has always been a great pastime of mine.

Aware of climate change & what effects global warming is having on the planet urged me to seek information & investigate ways that I could contribute on the impact with a business that notoriously generated waste & was generally thought of as an unsustainable market.

 Redundant at this, point this urged me to volunteer with a local eco group & become a part of a community that shared similar ethical views.

At last, I found likeminded people that shared similar views to me.


Why Are we different

I can be free & have a positive impact on the planet


We aim to give back 1% to the planet of all profits from sales to ethical organisations that are actively doing good.


To create skincare that actively does good, for both your skin and through voluntary work, & donations


Our ingredients are carefully selected for their natural active properties but also for the environmental impact on the planet, for example by using seed oils the product is a by-product of the fruit or vegetable.

I source as many local ingredients as possible, using Lavender essential oil that has been grown and produced in Norfolk, cuts down further on carbon emissions.

I also use locally grown & sourced Sunflower oil, blackcurrant seed oil, camelina seed oil and clary sage, seaweed all grown here in the UK.


All our products are homemade & produced in small batches, so no mass producing here!


By handmaking everything from labels, stationary & branding cuts down on outsourced services saving on negative impacts on the planet.

Our products are vegan just because we believe that using animals for personal gain is wrong.


We believe that cosmetic products don't need to cost the earth, & use recyclable containers for packaging, you can either refill them or make use & upcycle them!


Our values

Anybody out there who knows me, will probably say & agree that I am outspoken. I see it as logical, getting straight to the point.

This is how I also like to work, & what better way to be than upfront about everything & anything I do. Giving back to the world we live in must be one of the most important morals I have. Being an ethical company should really be standard practice, no living thing should suffer to play its roll in feeding the human ego.


As the saying goes, honesty is the best policy. I will always be totally transparent when it comes to my products, which is why I will strive to ensure you understand exactly what you are putting onto your skin & most importantly why!


No company is perfect & I will strive to get closer to the ideal vision that needs to happen as my journey progresses. I guess I had to add this value in here to really get a sense of my personality but also to ensure you are aware of what I want to bring to the table.